Meet Regulatory Objectives Easily and Effectively

AML360 provides Government a single dashboard for managing supervisory duties.


We reduce resourcing by automating admin functions. The dashboard allows a simultaneous action for data gathering, analysing, recording and reporting. Pertinent information can be instantly extracted from the risk filters.


Supervisors can raise, track and remediate issues through the Task Register. Set actions, deadlines, priority status and assign ownership. Use heat maps and charts for easy interpretation of sub-sector risks.


The Dashboard provides an all-in-one platform for carrying out National Risk Assessments, Sector Risk Analysis, Business Entity Profiling, Desk Top Analysis, Case Management and Ongoing Reporting.


Supervising participants across the financial industry requires a solution that can quickly interpret key data into attractive charts and graphs. The Dashboard includes filters for data tracking and instant interpretation of current status.


AML Supervisors can quickly identify business entities that present greater risk to their regulatory objectives. At anytime the dashboard will identify the percentage of businesses falling into specific risk categories.


AML360 is a truly unique compliance solution for developing and maintaining the AML regulatory framework of any country. We have made AML supervision efficient and effective. Our solutions are fully tailored to your requirements.

Supervisor Dashboard

AML360 assists Governments to adopt an effective risk based supervision model. The dashboard enables profiling across the financial industry and within sub-sectors. Automated notations can be communicated direct to business entities to highlight a regulatory view, require further action or to provide educational advice. Desktop analysis is easily performed and the task register can be used to set and track priorities, deadlines and task ownership. Using the Unique ID for entity reference ensures confidentiality.